Some More Services

Corporate Representation

From time to time our clients are looking to access new markets, often in foreign countries. In these situations we utilize our extensive international network of professionals who are chosen for their business acumen and knowledge of their own markets. We are experienced in working with the ‘Embassy’ networks and are able to make professional presentations to these organizations in an effort to ‘Connect’ to credible contacts within the target area. This can be a frustrating process but we are able to utilize our experience and contacts to fast-track the process thus opening important doors for you to go through.

Corporate Partnering

When working with our clients we are always on the look out for ways to enhance or compliment your products and/or services. One of the ways is to identify potential complimentary Companies that, if embraced, could provide a vehicle for higher market penetration. We bring these to our client’s attention and act accordingly where our client is interested in exploring this avenue. An example of this would be matching a web design company with a web marketing company – their target market is the same and by having a strategic alliance in place they both benefit from being able to offer their client’s additional expertise. This creates a reciprocal referral arrangement where both companies would attain business they would otherwise not be privy to.

Our Fee Structure

We operate a straight forward pricing philosophy with each project analyzed for time required and degree of technical input as no two projects are the same. We then provide the prospective client with a written quotation and time frame in which to complete the project. Once this has been agreed to we will establish a start date and the client shall pay a ‘Commitment’ fee representing 25% of the contract price. The balance is paid at equal intervals throughout the duration of the contracted time frame. Once the contract commences we work with you, not for you, as it is our philosophy that when a client engages us we enter that relationship as a temporary business partner with the same level of commitment. Depending on the type of services required we will also enter into a 30-60 or 90-day retainer arrangement whereby a monthly fee is paid to retain our services. We are flexible in our dealings and seek to deliver value for money at all times. All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars with the appropriate currency conversion.

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