A Different Approach – An Opportunity worth Sharing

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steve Hughes.  I am the President of an online business services company (www.business-development-consultancy.com). I have recently diversified my operations and added a new online business to my portfolio and thought I would take the time to share it with you. Not necessarily for you personally but for you to share with anyone you might know that is looking for an excellent online business to sink their teeth in to.

I spent a considerable amount of time doing my research into this company and have found them to be excellent so I have become involved with their organization. With this in mind I have decided to share it with my contacts and colleagues around the world to see if this is something someone you know would be interested in this opportunity.

During the process I have decided to share my knowledge with young entrepreneurs who are looking for a quality online business – http://clubseabreezetravel.weebly.com/ – to apply your skills to. I am looking for young ambitious internet savvy entrepreneurial minded people with internet marketing skills and nowhere to apply them. 

The idea is for you to use your own internet marketing skills to market the following page – http://club-sea-breeze-travel.weebly.com/ and receive an attractive commission for every automated sale as a result of your networking – you don’t have to sell – the website is fully automated. During this time I offer support and mentoring if and where necessary until you are ready to either buy into this business, or, apply these real life skills to your own project. 

In effect it’s an ‘Earn as you Learn‘ approach as I do enjoy mentoring young professionals and really get satisfaction from sharing in your success. Having spent many years developing conventional businesses I have come across many talented young people with good skills and working in non creative positions. So I decided by offering participation in this way I offer much-needed income opportunities for those interested in making some money.

Anyhow take a look at the following 2 sites – this first one is strictly to do with the travel club membership

http://club-sea-breeze-travel.weebly.com/ – (in effect the primary product) and this 2nd one is the travel membership with an emphasis on the business opportunity – http://clubseabreezetravel.weebly.com/
These may be something you or one of your contacts might be looking for? If so please feel free to send this communication. I’d be pleased to hear from either yourself, or any of your contacts to whom you decide to share this with. Further details are available.

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