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Hi Everyone,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steve Hughes.  I am the President of an online business services company ( I have recently diversified my operations and added a new online business to my portfolio and thought I would take the time to share it with you. Not necessarily for you personally but for you to share with anyone you might know that is looking for an excellent online business to sink their teeth in to. 

I invite anyone interested in a quality online marketing opportunity to review this link – and contact me directly for further information. This may be something you or one of your contacts might be looking for? If so please feel free to forward this communication. 

Last week 3 3rd year university students all joined to earn money to help pay for their education, a former middle manager with a major company recently got involved as he was sick of job hunting. What about the millions of unemployed (and those looking over their shoulder) at further cut backs and layoffs – I don’t know about you but it’s worth a look.

This approach is an ‘Earn as you Learn’ opportunity whereby the applicants are provided with a business model to follow and they are immediately in an income earning position with zero investment. No sales are involved as everything is managed online – full training and support provided – this is an ideal opportunity for the young internet savvy entrepreneur to learn a real business in real life.

By offering to teach and support those who become involved I provide a free platform for entrepreneurs to get their start, as well as provide a legitimate career alternative for the many unemployed. I’d be pleased to hear from either yourself, or any of your contacts whom you think might be interested in chatting – I can provide further details to applicants.

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