An Innovative Marketing Approach

Dear Colleagues,

I have recently had success in conducting corporate partnering activities – a new service offered by me to assist those companies who are on the lookout for new partnering opportunities. We are always looking to connect with like thinking management of companies offering complementary products or services. The intent is to source out these companies, initiate contact with principals, determine their needs, create a possible joint venture scenario, present the idea to both parties, liaise between respective parties and at the right time make the appropriate professional introductions.

A recent example of this is that a client of mine had a portfolio of 115 marketing websites – in the final stages of having the articles upgraded, new affiliate links (4 per page) and a state of the art online management system. He no longer has the time or desire to invest the time to market these sites so he asked me if I had any ideas. I quickly contacted another colleague of mine who owned an online internet marketing and promotions company and asked if he’d be interested in a new marketing initiative.

I then proposed a joint venture between his company and the owner of the portfolio of sales sites whereby the marketing aspect was handled by the internet marketing company. The portfolio owner oversaw the revenues and reported activity and transferred revenues twice monthly by pre-agreed process. In this case – (and in an attempt to put some real value to this service) each web site should be earning $100 per site per month within 90-120 days – that’s $11,500 per month new revenue. Within 8 to 12 months each site should be generating between $400 and $600 per month – that’s $46,000 and $69,000 per month.

Your probably wondering where do I fit in – and rightfully so – I offer 2 alternatives depending on the situation. I am either contracted on a fee for services basis to manage this process on behalf of your company over say a 90-day period.  Alternatively, any 2-way joint venture could be a 3-way joint venture where my reward for creating the business opportunity in the first place is shared equally with the other 2 participants. If anyone out there could use this type of creative and specially focused method of sourcing new business opportunities I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Best Regards

Steve Hughes

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